Ever wonder what it’s like to be a little tiny cat in a great big world?


Kitty is a typical alley cat enjoying her basically normal cat life on the streets of a not-so cat friendly small town. One day a new friend lands in her life; a ferret named Ferris whose curiosity is always getting him into dangerous situations. Kitty is immediately drawn to Ferris, mostly because he’s the weirdest looking cat she has ever seen.

Kitty Disastrous is a platforming adventure game about love, calamity and being a cat. While following your accident prone ferret friend from scrape to scrape, you’ll explore a small industrial town with reckless abandon and satisfy your thirst for wanton destruction. In her search for Ferris, Kitty encounters puzzles, people, and other citizens of the animal world that she can manipulate to help achieve her goal. Whatever Kitty touches turns to disaster.

Kitty Disastrous is being developed by husband and wife team Tim Miller (LucasArts, Secret Level, Nihilistic Software) and Cathy Feraday Miller (DreamWorks, LucasArts, Crystal Dynamics) of Rocket 5 Studios. Kitty Disastrous is coming to PC, Mac and TBA consoles in 2016.

PLAY Kitty Disastrous at GDC 2016 in GDC Play Booth PL211

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